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Our Values

Based on our original goal to develop a fun, tasty snack for people to share and enjoy, we have defined a clear-cut approach to our product and markets. In short, we aim to:

Skærmbillede 2022-07-06 kl. 18.39.19 Provide a high-quality product that makes good business sense for you and your customers
Our goal must always be, at least, to meet customer expectations, and, at best, to exceed them. By ensuring our exclusive product is accompanied by prompt and effective service, we go a long way to build up brand loyalty that secures solid sales and long-term profits. Innovative and reactive marketing material that supports the SAHARAS image and sales
The right look establishes a visual identity that captures attention and promotes consumer familiarity with the brand. Our extensive range of marketing material is continuously under ongoing development. Take responsibility by ensuring the highest food safety standards and full traceability through- out the supply chain
The importance of consumer confidence cannot be understated. A mere rumour of a food safety hazard is enough to destroy the strongest of reputations. That is

why strict controls apply at every stage of processing, right from the raw nut to the final product.

Maintain close dialogue with you to help you maximize your sales potential
We know you cannot afford to be kept waiting when you have a question that needs an answer. Easily accessible support is essential – either from our website or from us directly. By staying in regular contact, we can also monitor your progress and offer information and advice for further developing your business

Express a professional attitude to a fun product

Successful business demands a serious approach. At the same time, we bear in mind that we are selling a light- hearted snack for informal occasions – something our customer communications must always convey.