Can the SAHARAS Dispensers and Heating Cabinets be used all over the world?
Yes, several thousand Dispensers have been used worldwide for over 20 years, from New Zealand – Canada – USA and Europe.
How do SAHARAS Dispensers and Heating Cabinets work and operate?
We have 2 kinds of machinery at SAHARAS:

– Scoop & Serve is a Heating Dispenser from which you manually fill the cups

– The Heating Cabinet holds cups that you fill manually and place on the shelves.

What are the dimensions of SAHARAS machinery?
– Dispenser Scoop & Serve (heated) measures 60h x 35d x 18w, weighs 8 kg.

– Heating Cabinet measures: 84h x 45d x 45w, weighs 26kg.

Is the machinery difficult to operate?
All SAHARAS machinery is very simple to operate. We made them simple so that all staff can operate them with a minimum of training. All machinery comes with a manual for installation, usage, and cleaning.
Do SAHARAS supply the machinery for free?
No, once you purchase the machinery from SAHARAS, it becomes your property. However, as a part of onboarding of new distributors, we do provide a number of the 2 Dispensers, which can be used for trials for new customers.
How many kilos of nuts does each machine hold?
The Dispenser hold 3 x 1.5 kg. Nuts, similar to 75 servings of 60g. cups. The Heating Cabinet fits up to 9 cups on each shelf (small, medium, large), and has 4 shelves altogether.
What is the shelf-life for the Hot Nuts when in a Dispenser?
The shelf-life for SAHARAS Nuts is 21 days when they are in the Dispenser. Up to 21 days you will still have crunchy Nuts to serve to your guests. In the Heating Cabinet, the Hot Nuts have approx. 4-5 days shelf life.
What is the shelf-life for SAHARAS Nuts?
SAHARAS Nuts in 1.5 kg. bulk bags as SAHARAS retail bags have a shelf-life 10 months from production date.
In what quantities do you deliver the Nuts?
– Hot Nuts: 1 case contains 4 x 1.5 kg. bags (6kg.), 1 pallet equal to 432 kg. (72 cases).

– Retail bags in Counter Display, 20 x 30g. per case, 1 case contains 8 counter displays, 1 pallet equals to 28 cases.

– Retail bags in bulk cases, 100 x 30g. per case, 1 pallet contains 56 cases.

What is the minimum order size I have to make?
– Nuts in 1.5kg. bulk bags; minimum 1 pallet (432kg.) or 72 cases.

– Retail bags, minimum 100,000 mini bags (co-production possible for smaller orders).

Production runs are min 100,000 mini bags, but we will work with distributors to spread this across as many as possible (including other countries). This means that we cannot be specific about the minimum order as this may vary.

Do I pay for the cups?
Cups are included in the purchase price of the nuts. You can specify the cup sizes you need. Distributors are requested to make every effort to order cups with Nut orders to avoid separate shipping.
What are the nutritional facts on SAHARAS Nuts?
A 100g. of SAHARAS Nuts contains,

– Energy, 2227KJ

– Fat, 34.0g., of which saturates 8.0g.

– Carbohydrate 41,02g., of which sugars 4.6g.

– Fibre 4.1g.

– Protein 13.9g.

– Salt 4.1g.

How fast can I get my order?
In the UK the expected time of delivery from ordering to receiving the products at your warehouse is 4-7 days. US is approx. 18-25 days, New Zealand approx. 45 days, so it varies a lot depending on where you are. All are shipped with Sea-freight unless others are agreed on.
How do I make my purchase?
As a SAHARAS distributor you have your own personal account with log-in to SAHARAS website;, and here you can make a purchase for SAHARAS Nuts, machinery, merchandise, etc. and furthermore you can also see what and when you did your last order, invoices, etc. and furthermore you are able to place an order on
What are the payment terms?
As a new distributor, your first orders will be paid in advance. SAHARAS normal payment terms are 21 days from order date.
What is the Incoterms?
The Incoterms Rules or International Commercial Terms are a series of pre-defined commercial terms published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) relating to international commercial law.

SAHARAS usually uses the Incoterms DAP (Delivered at Place) or DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid). We tailor the best logistical solution for our business partners. Thus, the terms may vary.

If I become a SAHARAS distributor, what support do I get from SAHARAS?
You will be listed as one of SAHARAS distributors on our world map, so everyone can see where you operate, news emails, links to promotional videos and more.

Support includes working with you on marketing programs for specific key customers as well as sales support for sales staff.

We have an open dialogue with distributors and support from SAHARAS’ Head Office that is also available. Saharas representative will make a site visit to all the distributors at least once a year, and each distributor will have direct access to the same International Sales Manager that follows the distributor and is available at all time.

Are there other benefits, which SAHARAS offers their distributors?
SAHARAS is also promoting its products and their distributors via the Social Media (SoMe), such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.

Once you are a part of the SAHARAS Team, you will be promoted on our SAHARAS website landing page. We will support and advise you on how to promote SAHARAS on your own website as well.

Via SoMe, SAHARAS will support the brand and our business partners with all sorts of updates, including international SAHARAS events and local campaigns, sales activities, and even special events. That will be relevant for the distributors. Distributors will be able to have special events posted in their regions.

On these platforms, SAHARAS will, in cooperation with their distributors, do branding and increase the awareness of the distributor and SAHARAS to achieve sales growth for both parties.

SAHARAS arrange annually distributor meetings for the best practice learnings and mutual initiatives for business growth.

SAHARAS will also produce a branded landing page for distributors to use.

What will I get out of becoming a SAHARAS Distributor?
In short terms, our value proposition to our distributors are;

– You will become a part of an internationally tested, recognized and proven product concept.

– The SAHARAS Team will help and support the growth of your company.

– The SAHARAS Team will help you access market sectors you might not be in already. This increases the opportunities to do cross-selling and up-selling of the products.

– By adding SAHARAS to your business, you can achieve a gross margin of 33-40% or more. This, of course, depends on the types and the sizes of the venues you serve. SAHARAS are at your service, and can advise you on the most optimal and profitable customer portfolio benefitting your business the most.

Any particular requirements to become a SAHARAS distributor?
Your Company must;

– Be foodservice approved

– Have a proven and sound financial record

– Have sufficient storage facilities

– Have the capability to handle/service light machinery

– Have distribution set up for efficient customer service

– And naturally, you must have engagement and commitment

What about allergens and food safety?
We use a reputable European manufacturer to produce SAHARAS Nuts, which is approved according to international food safety standards. The allergens are Wheat, Celery, and of course Peanuts. They contain no GMO products, and the production has traceability throughout the entire supply chain, and the concept is living up to the highest standards of hygiene. Saharas do not use palm oil in the production, and it is possible to make a special production that can be approved for both: Halal – Kosher – Vegan
Where do customers typically buy SAHARAS Nuts?
SAHARAS Nuts are especially popular in bars, cafés, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, theaters, leisure outlets i.e. amusement parks, bowling centers, golf clubs, and stadiums. SAHARAS mini bags are to be found in convenience stores, kiosks, retail stores, and petrol stations etc. As we say at SAHARAS: “For Everyone Everywhere!”
Are SAHARAS products sold worldwide?
SAHARAS can be found in 11 countries worldwide and continuously.
Can I use/download your new design material for my own sales and marketing activities?
In general, yes, but you need to get approval from SAHARAS on any sales and marketing material you intend to use in your sales and marketing promotions.
How do I get started?
You already started by reading all this, so now you need to get in touch with one of SAHARAS representatives.
Who to contact related to specific issues?
In general, you can either:

Phone: + 45 98 10 91 22 or Write:

Alternatively, via our contact link on

For specific questions/issues regarding:

UK Business, Sales and Marketing:

UK Business Developer, Bruce Cooper,

Overall business strategic:

CEO, Claus J. Bjerregaard,

Int. Sales Manager, Kaare Korsbek,

Logistic & Sourcing, including technical issues:

Supply Chain Manager, Hans Meinertz,

Orders, invoicing, web shop and website:,

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