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"The Secret to Our Three Decades of Success"

SAHARAS is proud to present our delicious sweet chili hot nuts, made from a special old Danish recipe and produced exclusively by one of Europe’s leading snack manufacturers. Our proven successful concept has delighted taste buds across the globe, and we are committed to delivering the best snack product every day.

At SAHARAS, we believe that our sweet chili nuts are more than just a tasty treat. We strive to create a unique taste that combines with memorable moments, bringing people together to enjoy our delicious nuts. The social experience is crucial to us, and we are dedicated to providing the best quality product on the market.

Since our founding in 1992, SAHARAS has always aimed to give our customers more than just great taste. Our mission is to create memorable moments and bring smiles to people’s faces. We achieve this by creating the best and most unique snack concepts, and our goal is to ensure that everyone around the world can experience our fantastic, tasty coated nuts at any time and any place.

So why settle for ordinary snacks when you can have SAHARAS sweet chili hot nuts? Try them today and discover the unique taste that has made us a global sensation.

It's all about the craft


SAHARAS Hot Nuts are crafted with utmost care, using only natural ingredients and absolutely no genetically modified products. Our unique coating process guarantees a consistently delicious crunch in every batch, while also ensuring that the nuts remain crisp and flavorful even after repeated heating. Unlike other coating systems, we use minimal oil, which not only prolongs the shelf life of our product but also makes it less greasy to the touch.

At SAHARAS, we take health and safety seriously. Our manufacturing process adheres to the most stringent standards, ensuring that our customers receive only the highest quality product. So go ahead, indulge in the spicy goodness of SAHARAS Hot Nuts, knowing that you’re enjoying a snack that’s both delicious and wholesome.

it's not all nuts

Our head office is currently located in Northern Ireland, where our dedicated team works tirelessly to provide exceptional customer service to our distributors. We are committed to helping new distributors get started, answering any inquiries they may have, and ensuring prompt deliveries of our high-quality nuts, dispensers, cups, and marketing materials. Our team also supervises the quality of our products and handles all other aspects of running a successful business.

SAHARAS Nuts are available in over 16 countries, including Finland, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, Germany, and the USA. We take pride in our global reach and are constantly striving to expand our distribution network to bring our delicious nuts to even more people around the world.

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