The idea for SAHARAS is to create a unique taste in our chilli nuts and combine them with memorable moments. The social experience of bringing people together to enjoy SAHARAS nuts is crucial, and we strive to deliver our best snack product every day. Do we need to say that the quality of the SAHARAS sweet chilli nuts is the best on the market!

The SAHARAS nuts are much more than just great taste! You will love our tasty, crunchy, sweet chilli, heated nuts – everybody does! You will also love the great company of friends and family when you eat and experience the magical flavour of the nuts.

The nuts are based on an old Danish recipe that is safe in a bank-vault in Holland. This is one of the reasons why our products have always been recognized and known for their high, unique quality


SAHARAS Hot Nuts are heated in our dispensers, which forms the centre of the SAHARAS System. The smart dispenser designed to look the same at home as it does in modern bars, and other venues like cinemas, hotels, and more.

SAHARAS sweet chilli nuts are produced exclusively for SAHARAS by one of Europe’s leading processed nut manufacturers. A special coating process ensures a consistent coating with every batch. It also enables the SAHARAS nuts to withstand repeated heating, so the nuts can stay crisp without becoming dry and powdery. SAHARAS nuts do not contain any GMO products.

Impeccable food safety standards are applied with every batch of SAHARAS sweet chilli nuts.

Imagine enjoying the amazing taste of our heated, sweet chilli nuts with your best friends! Also, try to imagine you and your friends being accompanied with a drink or beer that accentuates the flavour in SAHARAS top quality peanuts with its crisp and wheat-based coating. And you can eat them both heated and unheated.